Photobooths are kiosks or vending machines containing an automated camera. These booths contain a bench for approximately three people to sit, and often come with a box of props. Photographs are usually either printed instantly or uploaded onto social media from the booth after capture. Companies such as OMG! Photo Booths Norfolk provide photobooth hire for any event.

Photo booth hire is ideal for a range of events, from weddings, private parties, to corporate event hire. They provide unforgettable moments captured at any special event. Guests are free to get up and take photographs of them with other people at any time during your event, providing them with a form of entertainment and a personal reminder to keep, helping them remember the day.

  • Photo booths often become a centre piece of any event, with guests of your party using all sorts of props to create all sorts of fun photographs! They provide your guests with entertainment, being able to get up and use the booth at any point during the event.
  • They are available for any guest of any age to use, no matter how young or old. Unlike some other popular items hired at many events, such as rodeo bulls, they do not exclude any individuals.
  • Themed events are fantastic, and photo booths can help with the theme you choose. Many booths will offer themed services, for example theming their backgrounds or props to suit your event.
  • Photographs are printed and stored online after the event, with some booths offering to print multiple copies of the photograph. This could be ideal for scrapbooking or for simply framing photographs to keep so that you can remember the day in years to come.

So photo booth hire is ideal for any event, guaranteeing to engage your guests and entertain them.

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