Choosing the Best Limo Company for Your Wedding


Your wedding is an important event in your life that you want to remember for the rest of your life, right? You want it to be the best memory that’s why you try the best you can to make that day really special. However, when your budget is tight you might not be able to realize your dream grand wedding. Fortunately, there’s a way that you can make your wedding day extra special with a huge effect. That’s what the best wedding limo service can do for you.

When it comes to making your wedding day hugely grand, a limo service is the perfect addition. With the bride riding with a luxurious limo service to the church, your wedding is certain to have grand effect right off the start. So even when the wedding is not as grand in terms of other aspects, you can certainly make it a good memory to chose a limo wedding company. But with a lot of limo wedding company (e.g. – to choose from, how can you choose the best one?

In order to get the best limo-wedding service that suits your needs, doing a little research about your prospect limo companies will help. Here are some tips to remember when you do your research for choosing the best limo service:

  • How many people with be in the ride?

Before you choose the limo service, think first how many people will be riding the limo aside from the groom and bride? In most cases, the immediate families come with the groom and bride so you have to consider them. Usually, in cases like these renting two limos for the bride and her family as well as for the groom and his family is the idea.

  • Get more information about your prospect limo service company.

Once you determined the number of people who will be riding with the limo and the number of limos to rent as well, you can start looking for the right limo service that can satisfy your needs. When you research about the limo service, focus on:

o   Years the business has been operating as well as credentials

o   The fleet or types of vehicles available for you to choose from

o   The price so that you don’t get stuck with a bill you didn’t expect

o   Reviews and referral to know if former customers are happy with their service

These are information you need to know intimately so you can make an informed decision on which limo service you think fits your needs. This way as well, you can easily factor the other aspects of the wedding to the limo service you are renting. With this, you can be sure that everything will go smoothly and you can truly have the best wedding you dream of.

Lastly, when you have chosen the right limo wedding service, make sure that there is clear contract. This is the last piece that will assure you that the limo service for your wedding will held out to the deal of giving you the best ride in your most special day.

Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer As Your Wedding Gift


The wedding is the most important celebration for the couple as they start their new lives. The groom will use any means necessary in order to provide the ideal wedding his bride can dream of. All preparations is carefully planned and most would even hire a professional wedding planner to make sure that every part of the wedding is taken care of. For such a wonderful event, there will be times when a couple will have to consider their budget and plan the wedding according to it. And sometimes, they would compromise so that they can experience the amazing feeling of getting married. As for their guests, it is always a challenge to look for a gift that can make the wedding celebration and the couple ecstatic.

Some of the common gifts are house appliances, honeymoon ticket reservations, personalised t shirts and even cash gifts. If you have already used these as gifts to the weddings you attended, it would be a good idea to provide a different gift the next time. If you are informed of the wedding celebration weeks or months ahead of the schedule, then try hiring a professional wedding photographer for the couple as your wedding gift.

Hiring a professional photographer like as a wedding gift has its own merits. When you use it as a gift, you don’t have to spend time searching for a wedding photographer since you can consult the wedding planner hired by the couple or even ask the wedding planner to do it for you. All you have to do is inform the couple about it and then you just pay for the cost. It is like giving a cash gift but the impact is much more on the couple. For the couple, receiving such gift can spare them a lot of money that they can spend on other aspects of the wedding like the dress, cake or venue. The excess money can even help the couple on their future endeavors as a family.

When it comes to the photographs taken by the professional wedding photographer, these will serve as a reminder for the couple that you hired the photographer for them. The quality of the wedding photographs will allow them to reflect to their memories of your gift which will last for a very long time making you a big part of their wedding celebration. This is definitely better than a cash gift or an appliance which will only last for a couple of years.

If you run out of ideas for a wedding gift, try providing a professional wedding photographer for the couple. The couple will be forever in your debt.

Photography: An Overview


Interested in learning about photography? If you are, you can always search how. If you try searching the internet, there are several sites that could give you tips on how to go about it. If you also have the time, you can visit bookstores and go to the photography section. There are informative books that may help in your search for information.

Defining Photography
Photography in general is a process. It is the art of taking pictures and preserving the beauty of a moment. It can be a hobby for some people, but it is an expensive one. Some really opt to study courses on it while others engage in do-it-yourself courses. In the history of the term, photography was created from the Greek root words meaning: photos, light, and drawing. When combined together, the term became photography, meaning drawing with light.

As a Showcase of Art
How is photography showcased as an art form? It is quite simple actually. Photography in itself is art. From the process of choosing a subject to shoot, to the way it will be shot and to the finished product which is a photo. The way one chooses to preserve the moment is art as it would help others to see the beauty of what the photographer sees. Some even hold exhibits of the photographs they took for others to see. As they also say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Even the simplest picture and subject has a deeper meaning to it. At times it is as obvious to the audience as it is to the photographer, but there are also times wherein one has to look deeper into the picture itself as the meaning might be hidden. Also, as they say, the more candid the photo is, the truer it is. As one can notice, most of the candid shots are not only natural looking but it can also be said that the moment or scenario is definitely caught on camera.

Equipment and Technique
A camera is, of course, the essential equipment for photography. If you are still a beginner, your camera does not need to be that of professional photographers. One can start with using digital cameras for starters. If one takes interest in the field, he or she should not immediately stress out on the quality of the camera. It is not in the camera as any camera has the capability to produce an amazing and breath taking picture. Also, the success of a photo depends mainly on what it is composed of: what the photographer decides to include in the picture and how it is projected.

For the effects, it is also a matter of choosing the right shooting mode, right angles and lighting. The right lighting would add more beauty to the picture as it would add to the natural effects to highlight the subject of the photograph. If one wants to play with the built-in effects of the camera, he or she must study it before shooting.

Be looking your best for the photos and get your hair and beard trimmed to perfection at Drakes of London.

When You Should Hire a Photobooth


Photobooths are kiosks or vending machines containing an automated camera. These booths contain a bench for approximately three people to sit, and often come with a box of props. Photographs are usually either printed instantly or uploaded onto social media from the booth after capture. Companies such as OMG! Photo Booths Norfolk provide photobooth hire for any event.

Photo booth hire is ideal for a range of events, from weddings, private parties, to corporate event hire. They provide unforgettable moments captured at any special event. Guests are free to get up and take photographs of them with other people at any time during your event, providing them with a form of entertainment and a personal reminder to keep, helping them remember the day.

  • Photo booths often become a centre piece of any event, with guests of your party using all sorts of props to create all sorts of fun photographs! They provide your guests with entertainment, being able to get up and use the booth at any point during the event.
  • They are available for any guest of any age to use, no matter how young or old. Unlike some other popular items hired at many events, such as rodeo bulls, they do not exclude any individuals.
  • Themed events are fantastic, and photo booths can help with the theme you choose. Many booths will offer themed services, for example theming their backgrounds or props to suit your event.
  • Photographs are printed and stored online after the event, with some booths offering to print multiple copies of the photograph. This could be ideal for scrapbooking or for simply framing photographs to keep so that you can remember the day in years to come.

So photo booth hire is ideal for any event, guaranteeing to engage your guests and entertain them.